Legal Advice and Construction Contract Law

Construction legal adviceContractual, Commercial and Procurement Advice

A planned approach is the key to commercial success in construction. Wherever you are in the industry, we can protect your interests and help you succeed by providing you with expert advice.

Authoritative advice on the drafting, interpretation and selection of the appropriate standard and other forms of contract, bespoke contracts, terms of professional engagement, warranties and contracts of supply.

• Identification of risks and opportunities at the time of tender through a pre-contract review.

• Investigating and reporting on the economic performance and prospects of construction companies, their resources, management and organisation. Advice on the contractual position of all contracts, recovery prospects, and discharging and assigning contracts.

• How to protect your interests and ensure your contractual and financial entitlements.

• Professional opinion on the contractual position of contracts during their currency with strategic advice on administration and contract management to maximise your entitlements, recoveries and to protect your overhead and profit margins.

• Informed drafting, interpretation and selection of the appropriate standard and other forms of contract is the key to commercial success in construction. Longworth Consulting provides authoritative advice on selection of the most suitable contract to meet clients' needs on every project, to improve the limitation.

• We work closely with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their organisations. We can develop complete contract procedures manuals tailor-made to suit our clients' individual requirements. The manuals assist our clients in the effective management of their projects from inception to expiry of the defects liability period.

• We can provide user-friendly interpretation of the standard forms of contract commonly used by our clients, including easy to follow flow-charts illustrating the contract mechanisms to be adopted.

• We include a considerable number of key responses, such as standard letters for common contractual problems.

• We encompass procedures for controlling claims made against our clients.

• We provide an up-to-date review of current case law pertinent to the standard forms of contract used by our clients.

• The modern day engineering or construction contract is commonly an amended standard form, client standard form or one-off specifically drafted contract. Our clients benefit from the experience Longworth Consulting have gained in advising upon a broad range of international contracts covering civil engineering, building, process, petrochemical, offshore, telecoms and shipbuilding works. Services which clients find of value are:

• The drafting, interpretation and selection of appropriate standard or non-standard form of contract or sub-contract, terms of professional engagement, warranties, bonds, guarantees and contracts of supply.

• The reporting upon commercial risks within tender documentation and negotiation of revised conditions of contract or sub-contract.

• The investigation and reporting on the performance and prospects of engineering and construction companies, including the independent valuation of "work in progress" within accounts.