Construction legal adviceLongworth Consulting offers a professional service for Best Value and Value for Money practices, Interim Management, Business Support and Commercial Management for projects from set-up to completion, for the Building, Construction, Engineering and Oil and Gas industries, being a comprehensive management service.

Longworth Consulting's management combines the commercial and construction management, and it is intended to give both construction clients and supply side companies a full service to set-up a project efficiently, deliver it on a win-win basis and ensure effective performance during the course of the project.

There are three parts to the service. The first is effective commercial management - choosing the right procurement route, correct contract procedures and risk management. This involves the whole team at an early stage on a best practice basis to improve performance in terms of the bottom line. The second is delivering training and in house facilitation of partnering and related collaborative working throughout the entire supply chain. The third is efficient management of the scheme itself.

The service also encompasses cost monitoring and budget control including evaluation of work in progress, payment applications, final account settlement agreement and close out.

The construction industry is changing all the time and it is important for company's to keep abreast of these changes in order to offer their best to their clients. We have the expertise to help with this.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you.

What makes us different?

Quality and Experience

• Global network of consultants and unrivalled range of expertise

• Experts in construction engineering as well as the law

• Longworth Consulting's management guarantee experience and quality of key staff on projects

• We identify the root of the problem and help so that your staff avoid the same thing happening again


• We adapt to our clients needs and we work as part of or separate from client teams

• We build flexibility into projects, with decision stages where the client decides which route to pursue

• We can work on specific projects or on a retainer basis for advice as and when needed

Cost Conscious

• We always look for a solution to avoid the costly process of going to court

• We provide client reports so that our clients keep control of the budget

• In special cases we can work on a part fee part contingency arrangement


Many organisations find that workshops and group working sessions are a cost-effective and useful way of involving people in decision making and planning. Workshops are different to meetings in that they encourage more participation and therefore need to be managed differently. An element that can make workshops more productive is when they are managed by a professional facilitator.

What we offer clients in Facilitation

Consultants in Longworth Consulting are trained as professional facilitators and have experience of managing workshops and group sessions in the following areas:

• Strategic business planning with senior teams

• Helping senior teams develop and refine their organisational mission, vision and values

• Planning sessions for projects

• Start-up, interim and close-out partnering workshops

• Risk management and value engineering workshops

• Group problem-solving sessions

• Improving relationships between customers and suppliers

• Team building and improving team effectiveness

• Tackling conflict between teams/individuals

Our approach

Within any task or group activity there are the dimensions of content, process and emotions. The facilitator brings skills in all three areas, but is primarily concerned with managing the processes by which groups work, aiming all the time to get commitment and buy-in from the people involved.

Benefits and outputs

Longworth Consulting's facilitators bring an independence of view which is of great benefit, especially in team building workshops where there are a number of parties involved and where trust needs to be built without bias. We have a background in facilitating teams at senior, middle management and site level so have an appreciation of the different challenges faced by groups within organisations.

Clients' reasons for employing a facilitator vary, so whenever we take on a piece of work we ensure we meet with the client to agree the desired outputs. This means we can then design the group session or workshop which meets the needs and which is appropriate for the size of group, the level of participation required and the length of time available.

The benefits of having a facilitator are that it means all the other parties can get involved in the detailed content of the discussion, whilst leaving a professional to deal with the process of the event. Because the facilitator is skilled in designing and managing group events, the session is more likely to keep on track, constantly focused to the end objective, thus making the best use of time.

Interim Commercial Management

Unplanned events can cause potentially expensive problems and occur at times when in-house expertise are stretched or simply unavailable. Finding a remedy to complex project issues needs a fast and relevant response to avoid planned commercial targets being placed in jeopardy.

We provide a reliable source of commercial management expertise to both project employers and contractors wherever they are located in the world.

Based on our significant experience of commercial operations in the global construction, oil and gas industries we can supply either an individual Commercial Manager on an interim basis or a full commercial team for the duration of the project. The service range extends from considering the initial procurement options to final completion and business close out of the project.

The services comprise:

• Procurement (selecting the appropriate method and managing the process)

• Project Administration (local financial control, purchasing and support staff)

• Cost Monitoring and Budget Control (including multi currency exchange matters)

• Evaluation of Work in Progress and Payment Applications

• Value Engineering and Management

• Risk Management

• Supply Chain Management

• Final Account and Settlement Agreement

• Local Business Close Out (particularly on projects overseas)

The role of the Commercial Manager on a project can include responsibility for all or part of the service elements above. Consultancy advice and/or practical assistance on an interim basis can also be provided for each service element and according to individual client requirements.

Our Commercial Managers are familiar with a variety of business cultures exhibited around the world and the need to develop good communication, trust and co-operation in order to avoid potential disputes. Should it become necessary, the Longworth Consulting extensive office network support our commercial services by their availability to offer specific advice on any potential disputes.

We aim to deliver a well co-ordinated commercial service that results in a financially successful project. Our objectives are to add value to the management services being provided and to develop an on-going relationship of trust and co-operation with both our clients and their business partners.