Expert Witness & Litigation Support Appointment Service

Construction legal adviceExpert Witness/Litigation Support

Our team of senior consultants can provide expert witness reports and evidence on all building, construction and engineering matters, including project planning, the investigation of defective work, negligence, and quantum evaluation. Evaluating and scheduling causative particulars for pleadings, listing and preparing documents for discovery and inspection.

Expert Witness, Opinions, Reports and Evidence

• Expert Witness Reports and forensic evidence analysis on all construction matters, including project planning, the investigation of defective work, negligence and quantum evaluation.

• Export Reports can by themselves or with verbal testimony, settle disputes before the full expense of litigation and full trial.

Longworth Consulting provides effective expert witnesses for all aspects of construction disputes whether in arbitration, litigation, adjudication or to assist with negotiations.

• Valuation of construction and engineering work

• Delay/Late Completion analysis and quantification

• Reporting and advising on defects in materials or workmanship

• Assessment of damages

The benefits of employing an expert witness from Longworth Consulting include:

1. Experienced Experts -
Assurance of the competence and experience of the expert.

2. Court Experience -
Our experts have experience of giving evidence under cross examination.

3. Cost Effective Service

Every opportunity of settlement is explored to achieve an early agreement on acceptable terms.