Dispute Management and Resolution Services

Construction legal adviceDispute Management and Resolution

We have the expertise to avoid the high costs of prolonged litigation or arbitration by:

Managing the resolution of disputes, including analysing the contractual and legal aspects, organising and interpreting the record keeping data and integrating your project personnel into the dispute management team.

Using highly developed skills in presentation and negotiation, and in the application of alternative dispute resolution techniques.

Dispute Management, including ADR:- Adjudication, Mediation, Conciliation, Brokering Settlements and Negotiation Techniques

• Management of adjudication and arbitration proceedings, acting as your representative, or acting as Mediator, Adjudicator or Arbitrator

Dispute Resolution and Document Management

• Professional assistance in the resolution of disputes, by effective record keeping techniques, control and administration, effective notices to enable easy negotiation, or the application of alternative dispute resolution techniques, to avoid expensive litigation.


• The secret of success following the presentation of or response to claims lies in the negotiations. Even a claim based on sound legal principles and accurate records will usually result in a poor financial return without first class negotiating skills. Conversely a poor quality claim could be successful if those representing the respondent lack the necessary negotiating skills. Longworth Consulting is able to provide claims negotiators with the necessary legal and technical skills to match any in the market place.