Dispute Avoidance by Resolution Services for the Construction Industry

Construction legal adviceDispute Avoidance and Effective Contract Administration

Even well conceived projects need to be monitored to provide early warning of potential disputes. We will ensure that you make the right moves, at the right time, to your best advantage:

Auditing each phase of a project by documentary, control and notices progress analysis and financial audit ensuring project objectives are met or realigned if necessary.

Providing advice on practice and procedures aimed at quality management and dispute avoidance.

• Contract strategies - Making the right decisions at the right time

• Practice and procedures necessary to quality manage and administrator contracts

Contractual Advice throughout the Construction Phase

The construction phase produces many contractual difficulties. Many of these problems may be small but can lead to larger problems if not resolved in the correct manner at an early stage.

This Longworth Consulting service is of benefit to our clients as we quickly advise them of the correct contractual and legal position and provide a positive strategy to resolve the problem. Longworth Consulting often provides advice on disputes by fax/e-mail but is pleased to attend the client's office and/or site for discussion of more complicated issues.

Services commonly requested by our clients are:

• Advice upon the interpretation of contract documentation where it is either silent or
ambiguous upon a particular issue.

• Investigation of live projects and provision of an independent report upon performance, cost and time overruns and consequential risks.

• Advice and a preferred strategy for the resolution of issues between two contracting parties.