Arbitration Services for the Construction Industry

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We will undertake complete management of arbitration proceedings, acting as your representative, from the issue of the notice, preparation of pleadings and schedules, right through to presenting your case at the hearing. When appropriate, we can also directly engage specialist Queen's Counsel to present your case for Legal Debate matters and challenges.

Arbitration Services and Litigation Support

Management of adjudication and arbitration proceedings, acting as your representative, or acting as Arbitrator or Adjudicator or Mediator in the alternative.

Our fast track arbitration services have been designed to meet the needs of our clients – saving clients time and money by employing a one stop service which includes advanced management and IT techniques to achieve a favourable arbitrator's award within a minimum timescale and budget.

We provide an initial legal and technical appraisal on the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the likely weight of supporting evidence. We will then provide an analysis of the risks - both financial and non-financial - of various courses of action open to the client.

We provide a strategy plan to develop and present the case for achieving a settlement.

We carefully prepare a budget for the whole of the proceedings at the earliest possible time and provide monthly reports on progress against budget.

We offer clients a fee structure which we agree with them in advance for each stage of the arbitration and provide monthly client/budget reports.

As arbitration can be an expensive method of dispute resolution, we will always try to help our clients resolve the dispute before it reaches arbitration.

Our main objective is however to secure an early settlement for our clients through negotiation whenever possible.