- Conciliation / Mediation / Brokering Settlements Services


Conciliation / Mediation / Brokering Settlements

In situations where both parties wish to settle a dispute and the relationship between the parties is still open to constructive negotiation, Longworth Consulting's Alternative Dispute Resolution services can help companies resolve disputes faster and more economically than traditional methods and with minimum disruption to working relationships. In terms of time gained and fees incurred, this method compares favourably with arbitrating or litigating such matters.

We will:

• Establish a means of non-confrontational communication and guide parties towards a
settlement both sides would deem fair.

• Facilitate the discussions to enable the parties to agree an acceptable settlement.

• Investigate and identify where the problem actually occurred and help both parties
learn from this so as to avoid the problem recurring in the future.

We provide an impartial view in a report on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the parties case. We also provide an analysis of the risks of various courses of action open to the clients, both financial and non-financial.

We aim to guide clients towards a settlement so that the cost and timescale for the whole process is kept to a minimum.